Family/School Agreement (2017-2018)

  1. Parent Participation: Tauxemont is a cooperative preschool; parents are expected and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the school to the mutual benefit of all members. Certain minimum participation is required, as described below.
    • Parent Helping: You will be scheduled to parent help in your child’s classroom on a rotating basis.  Prior to parent helping, each helper is required to submit proof of a tuberculosis screen performed within the last two years and a background check performed by Tauxemont within the last three years.
    • Parent Education: Our license requires that adults parent-helping in the classroom must have four (4) hours of Early Childhood Education each year, per family. These credits can be earned in a variety of ways including attending school meetings, attending authorized workshops, etc.
    • School Jobs: Each family is assigned a school job. These may vary with the talents, interests, and time that individual parents have to contribute. School jobs are such that some can be done at home, during one season, or in the evenings.
    • Meetings: As stated in our Bylaws, attendance is required by at least one parent or guardian at Orientation. Attendance is expected by at least one family member at each All-School Meeting. Each family represents one vote at these meetings.
    • Saturday Maintenance Sessions: Each family must participate in two scheduled Saturday Maintenance Sessions each school year.  Participation in a back-to-school clean-up prior to the opening of the school is strongly encouraged.
    • Fund Raising: Fundraising is essential to the operation of the school. Families are expected to participate in all fundraising activities including the spring auction.  Support of Fundraising activities is in addition to your family’s School Job.
  2. “Buy Outs”: Tauxemont understands that full participation may not be an option for all families. We do offer options to “buy out” of certain obligations.  These options are listed below.  Buy out payments for Saturday Maintenance session and school jobs are due at the time of the fall All-School Meeting.
    • Parent Helping: The cost of buying out of this obligation is $50.00 for each assigned day. A family may buy out of up to one-half of their required parent helping responsibilities, they may also have a non parent or guardian caregiver fulfill up to half of their parent-helping obligation.  For more information, contact the First Vice President for the buy out information packet.
    • Saturday Maintenance Sessions: The cost of buying out of this obligation is $250.00 per session.
    • School Jobs: The cost of buying out of this obligation is $1,500.00.
    • School Auction: Participation in the annual school auction is required. Ways to satisfy your obligation include attending the auction, helping with set up or cleanup or participating in a buy out of your auction obligation.
  3. Health and Background Check Regulations:  Each enrolled child and adult who participates in the classroom must fulfill obligations, as stated in the Bylaws and required by State and County regulations. For each child, a completed form documenting a general physical examination and proof of inoculation must be signed by a licensed physician and submitted prior to the start of school. No child will be admitted to school without this form on file. Also, prior to working in the classroom, each adult must submit a completed form certifying a negative test for tuberculosis as well as have had a background check completed by the school. 

  4. Provide Proof of Identity and Age: The state of Virginia requires Tauxemont Preschool to verify within seven business day of initial attendance the identity and age of your child.  Proof of the child’s identity may include a certified copy of the birth certificate, birth registration card, passport, copy of the placement agreement or other proof of the child’s identity from a child placing agency. If proof of identity and age is not provided within seven business days of the child’s initial attendance, Tauxemont preschool must immediately notify the local law enforcement agency of the situation.

  5. School History: The state of Virginia requires the person enrolling a child to identify all of the child’s day care programs and schools that the child attended and their locations (city and state).

  6. Parent Participation Fines: If a family does not fulfill their parent participation obligations, the Executive Board can levy a fine appropriate to the obligation unfulfilled and/or request the withdrawal of your child from school.  In no case shall the sum total of fines for any one family exceed $2,500.00 for the school year.

  7. Suspension/Termination of Membership: Membership may be suspended or terminated by the Tauxemont Board of Directors under the following conditions:
  • the child’s tuition is not paid; or
  • the child’s family is not fulfilling significant cooperative responsibilities; or
  • continued membership is not in the best interest of the child; or
  • continued membership is not in the best interest of other children; or
  • continued membership presents a risk to the health or safety of the Preschool students, families, or staff.
Membership may be terminated by the parents with 30 days written notice.  Parents pay their monthly tuition installment and fulfill their participation schedule for that 30 day period.  The school reserves the right to terminate Membership for any cause deemed just by the Executive Board.
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Tauxemont Cooperative Preschool, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to or made available to students at the school.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of our educational policies, hiring of employees, admissions policies, or scholarships.  Our program is non-sectarian, non-discriminatory and offers no religious instruction.

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